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Investment Casting
Investment casting and lost wax casting foundry from China to produce alloy steel castings, stainless steel castings, carbon steel casti...
Sand Casting
Using green sand casting and shell mold casting, RMC can cast metals such as cast steel, ductile cast iron, gray cast iron, malleable...
Lost Foam Casting
Available metals: gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. Lost foam casting process produce the near net shape metal p...
Vacuum Casting
Available castings: alloy steel castings, grey cast iron castings, ductile iron castings, carbon steel castings etc. Vacuum casting (V p...
Precision Forging
Open die and closed die hot forging with materials of carbon steel, steel alloys, aluminium and OEM service.
CNC Precision Machining
CNC machining company in China with machining centers. Milling, lathing, grinding, drilling, honing, boring, etc. Available metal...
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  • Rich-experienced Team in Metal Foundry

    RMC has its own workshop for green sand casting, lost wax investment casting, CNC machining and other manufacturing technologies, who are serving customers in different OEM industries across different markets.

  • Professional Design and Engineering

    The free professional proposals on the appropriate casting / manufacturing processes, metal and a cost-down advice could be provided even before we quote.

  • One-Stop Solution for Metal Forming and Treatments

    RMC could provide the whole processes from casting pattern design, mould, samples, trial production, mass manufacturing, quality control, logistics and after service.

  • 360 Degree Quality Assurance

    From chemical composition, mechanical properties, microstructure to geometry dimensions, the real results should be 100% reach the required numbers.

  • Strong Supply Chain Management

    With our partners in areas of heat treatment, surface treatment and metal fabrication, more value-added services could be available from us.

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As an iron and steel casting foundry, RMC is ready to answer your any technical question or commercial inquiry about sand casting, investment casting CNC machining, heat treatments and surface treatments.

Just feel free to leave your message or send email to our engineering team. Soon they will give you the professional proposals and answers to reach a cost-effective solutions.

Contact RMC now for OEM custom metal parts by leaving your message here in the following:

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